The brand J. Harvest & Frost was created with passion as the driving force. Passion to create something really good at affordable prices. A natural target image was the knowledge to make really good products that we wanted to use ourselves. We wanted to combine well-designed and elaborate garments for workwear and leisure.
Inspiration came from many sources, such as U.S. advertising agencies, leaders of Norwegian oil business and Swedish merchants. A lot of inspiration from the earlier half of the 20th century. We’ve studied books, brands and designers sharing our passion for the subject, good at what we want to accomplish. They have all been under our magnifying glass and received a thorough examination.
J. Harvest & Frost has been formed through the collaboration between two brands – James Harvest Sportswear and Frost. James Harvest Sportswear with its roots in U.S. college fashion and a worldwide distribution and Frost with a heritage from the tai- lored, well-cut garments in a small scale. Two excellent foundations brought together in one concept.
The aim of this brand is to offer well-made, detailed and affordable products of the highest quality. Some details of our garments are only found on much more expensive products.
To succeed in our mission, we need to have the best tailors/seamstresses, the best materials, the best details, the best commitment and the best customers. Good enough is not a term that we use when it comes to our products. The best part is our ambition. Passion drives us.
In order to fulfil our ambition, we try to keep updated on available materials, the best stitches/techniques, what’s happening in the industry and what we can do better.
Our goal is to give you the feeling of getting something extra when you come across a garment from J. Harvest & Frost. If your feeling is comparable to getting a very special gift we are near our goal. You shall be totally satisfied − that’s it. End of story.
One challenge is still unsolved − the body shapes. Some are thin and some are strong. Some have long arms, and some have short. Our ambition is models for every- one. In most cases our garments fit from the start but for some body shapes garments need to be adjusted to fit perfectly.

J. Harvest & Frost is well-made, detailed and affordable.
In the brand J. Harvest & Frost you will find all our soul and all our heart.