Washing instructions

You wash the shirt inside out closing first botton. 40 to 60 degrees with not more then 5 shirts to have better result. Hang-dry it on a clothhanger.
The shirt you wear will stay clean compared to a normal one the whole day. No wrinkles , breathable, soft. Of course the making of the shirt makes also the difference, You may compere us to anyone.
Unbutton your shirt and follow the garment care instruction.

  • Do not overfill the washing machine.
  • Set the washing machine on a low spin dry.
  • Once the program is finished, hang the shirt on a hanger and stretch the collar, cuff and front plackets softly. Do not wring the shirt.
  • A light ironing may be desirable for that extra finishing touch.

Professional Laundry

For optimal result, ask your cleaners to use light press and no starch. Collar, cuff and front plackets are not recommended for pressing. 600 tours, loading 4.5 kg, shirt-program 40 C° degree.

CARE instruction

Methods of folding a shirt